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Microsoft Office Excel or Office Excel or Excel is a spreadsheet program or application that is familiar. The program, created by Microsoft Corporation and specifically designed to operate on Windows and Mac OS Operating Systems, is very popular indeed. This office package program is most widely programs used by computer users throughout the world. Office Excel has been integrated into a package of Microsoft Office programs such as Office Word and Office Power Point.

Office Excel users will be faced with the same worksheet as the Workbook system. In the Workbook system there is a Worksheet or also called a worksheet. Excel worksheets are displayed by using columns and rows in the form of cells where data can be processed.

Microsoft Office Excel was created and specifically designed to human needs in data processing such as create tables, managing data, making graphics, and etc. To fulfill it all in terms of data processing we usually need a correct calculation of mathematical calculations or non-mathematical calculations. Because Office Excel is made to process data, rather than Excel is equipped with various choices of formulas to complete each calculation. Excel formulas are better known as Functions.

Although Excel has provided several choices of formulas or functions, in reality we have many difficulties to using it. We need to learn a lot more all the functions of Excel formulas. So instead, on this occasion I will share a file which contains a collection of Excel formulas. In fact, it is not just a collection of Excel formulas, to further clarify the use of formulas, examples of user attachments are also attached.

Free Download a Complete set of Excel Formulas Ready for Use


If Excel function an error occurs as seen in the image below, please change the comma (,) to the formula with a semicolon (;) or colon (:).

error function

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